Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bun in the Oven

I'm cooking up my most important dish ever...our first son, Emil Keau Kalama. 67% done, so I guess he's medium rare, at best. This is one time when I'm aiming for well done! The last 25 weeks have been an adventure in eating, and just about every other aspect of life too. Here's the short-story recap:

 I didn't have morning sickness. At all. I say that to the right women and I see their faces shift, and I know...we aren't friends anymore. I did experience fatigue. Like I ran a marathon, partied all night, and then worked a double fatigue. Napping daily and snacking nearly constantly seemed to make me feel better, so I managed to gain 5 pounds during the first 10wks. So, there, are we even now?

 The world was a carousel of wonderful & terrible aromas for a couple of months. I felt like a bloodhound...I could smell someone's gum from across the room. I could tell if my husband drank Jameson or Maker's Mark whiskey at his shows. The cat nearly starved, as the smell of his food made me consider giving him up for adoption. Somewhere during the 2nd trimester, my x-ray smell-a-vision turned into a stuffy nose that leaves me blissfully unaware of such bothers (blame it on the extra estrogen, I hear).

 We're hungry! Like, take-a-little-kids-ice-cream-cone-for-yourself hungry. I'm suddenly aware there is another little insatiable appetite inside me, as I'm craving things that are unusual for me...mostly sweets. I'll take fudgy brownies, cinnamon rolls, shaved ice, fruit smoothies, baskin robbins ice cream, and a doughnut, please. But hang on, I would also like NY style pizza, carnitas, stuffed shells, bacon cheeseburger, spicy tomato juice, Brazilian bbq, and a giant bowl of pho. The frustrating, but wonderfully self-limiting part to this appetite, is that I can only get half way into my plate before running out of room in my cramped prego belly. It's really uncomfortable to have a real baby & a food baby co-habitating.

 More than morning coffee & evening wine, I miss sushi. Even though it will be Thanksgiving turkey time when I deliver, I'm really hoping someone brings me a spicy tuna roll in soy paper in the hospital (hint, hint). I can't wait to take my husband up on his sushi-feast offer at our favorite neighborhood spot (9-Style Sushi in San Clemente). I plan on eating my (pre-pregnancy) weight in oysters on the half shell & sashimi, topped off with Nigori saki & a Kirin (pump & dump, baby).

 Most of all, I can't wait to devour our sweet baby boy...I want to eat his chubby little cheeks & long little toes. I love the smell of newborn babies too. Take a whiff of the top of their little heads...ahh, now that's delicious :)