Wednesday, September 8, 2010

the pleasure factory

Labor Day means the first day off that Ry & I have had together since June. A reason for celebration, we enjoy a day of decadence...doing whatever (and only!) what our hearts desire. Of course, food is one of our favorite pleasures. The evening consisted of tapas style food: little bites of things intermingled with laughs, wine, and boardgames.

Course #1: Figs with bleu cheese wrapped in prosciutto, baked at 400F until the cheese is melty, and the prosciutto is browned.

Course #2:
A perfect example of letting the ingredients inspire! Ryan brought home the most beautiful HUGE heirloom tomatoes from the San Clemente farmer's market. "We have to do something to show how ridiculously large they are!", my first response. The result, a tomato tower: layers of Heirloom tomatoes, goat cheese, crispy fried onion straws, layers of spinach & arugula, drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar and meyer lemon olive oil.

Course #3:
An adaptation of something I make everyday at work: Mussels with bacon & pesto. Bacon, rendering fat, deglaze pan with white wine. Add pesto & cream to steam mussels. Serve with crusty french bread...dipping the bread into the sauce is almost better than the mussels themselves!

An affirmation that I am pursuing my true passion, I am happy to cook all day on my only day off. Well, almost all day :)


  1. LB, it seems like every time you're taking your food creations to a new level! Those dishes look incredible! I'll fly in to be a food model for your pictures. I'll hold the food up to my open mouth with a big smile on my face. It will be great.

  2. The tomato tower looks AMAZING! I want one!