Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Follow your bliss

Time off is a chance to get back to what I love. Cooking just for the joy of it, making whatever tickles my fancy. My loved ones are the best audience...not there to judge, just to enjoy and say "thank you."

Our first family dinner was the coming out party for our new home! Music & laughter echoing, delicious smells wafting from the windows, it truly felt like our home. Unable to accommodate 7 people at our dinner table (2 seater now), we decided to have a picnic in our cute little yard. The food was inspired by the setting.

The menu:
Fresh fruit from the farmer's market: melon, strawberries, blackberries (something to snack on as soon as you get there, KEY!)
Fried green tomato BLT's (I love BLT's, and LOVE to make them gourmet style!), each wrapped in parchment paper, like a little present you cant wait to unwrap!
Pineapple Cole Slaw (using an adaptation to my work recipe, using creme fraiche instead of mayo)
Mango Sage Honey Panna Cotta & farmer's market berries (so easy, and delicious!)
This was the kind of evening where no photos were snapped of the food before diving in. Living in the moment, just eat. No need to wait.


  1. Wow, looks like such good fun and good food. :) Miss you guys.

  2. That sounds like the perfect menu! Why can't we live in the same zip code?!?!