Saturday, March 13, 2010

blog day afternoon

Sometimes its not until my hunger pains threaten to roar for the whole neighborhood, that inspiration strikes. Today, that inspiration was nearly divine inspired. I lamented for weeks the fact that my favorite pizza joint didn't deliver anymore. Until, I discovered the beauty of LaRocco's NY style pizza "for here" instead of "to go." The thin crust (I hear they import water for the dough from the city) crisps like a cracker after its trip through the oven. The ricotta cheese bubbles into little golden brown crowns. My guy & I order 2 slices each (I was already considering a third) and some canned sodas (much to my dismay, he chose root beer, which I consider to be an abomination to all good flavors), slipped in to a comfy red-checkered table with a view. The pizza maestro arrived carrying all 4 pieces, on 4 different plates, all at one time...with ease. I wasn't the only one who was impressed. I heard him returning to the kitchen, offering tips to younger servers on safely carrying multiple plates ("balance your fingers here", he offered). The first bites did not disappoint! Ry & I quickly exchanged bites, so we could try all 4 kinds (and because sharing is caring). I vaguely recall hearing somewhere that you look like a NY pie rookie if you don't fold your slices, so I quietly folded my pizza sandwich. For the next 5 minutes, silence. Always the sign of a good meal. My affection for both salty & sweet things is deep-seeded. I can alternate between the 2 for days. Luckily, Velvet Yogurt is right next door to my beloved LaRocco's. Ryan timed our walk like a waltz, counting 2 steps out LaRocco's door, and a left hand turn into our sweet treat haven. Their Eurotart is veritable yogurt cloud. Reminiscent of plain yogurt flavor, it is both sweet and tart. Topped with raspberries, blueberries, granola and a swirl of honey, the next 5 minutes were also spent in a blissful silence. Ok, its now 5pm and I'm happy. But, what kind of cheese should I snack on tonight?

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