Wednesday, March 17, 2010

cooking...a sensory experience

At the suggestion of my mom (aka: "my cheeser") I will be posting a "tip of the day". More like, tip of every few days, as I still have to make a living here people. Anyway, here is something I've learned...
I've always considered myself an artist...a singer, a writer, a cook. Sensory stimulation plays a huge role here...what you hear, see, taste, smell, and feel. I tend to rely heavily on this when preparing meals. Set the oven timer for cookies, but your nose will usually let you know when they are done. Smell good enough to eat?, that's the first clue. Listen for sounds as a cue in the process...sizzling like its searing hot?, put on the steaks. Smells like somethings charring?, add some water to your steaming vegetables. The senses are a chef's best tools, and not just the ones for taste. Use intuition to guide your cooking, relying on sensory information. Your senses will tell you when something is ready to be enjoyed. DISCLAIMER: for those moments when senses are impaired, the use of a meat thermometer and an oven timer is essential. Bon appetit :)

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  1. amazing... i would buy every cook book you wrote and dine in any place you cooked... this food looks AMAZING... you are so talented