Thursday, March 11, 2010

gettin saucy

This is an idea I've been considering for a while now. Truth is, I think mostly about food...the food I made last night, the food I want to make, the restaurants I'd like to visit. Today's culinary lab (#6 now) stressed the importance of "mother sauces", classic sauces that can be turned into a variety of "small sauces" from there (the bechamel became a mornay cheese sauce, the espagnole sauce became a demi-glace). I liked that idea, sort of a culinary thing creating another, a variety of options. I'm the mother sauce in this equation, and this blog is one of my new small sauces. I cook, I eat, and now, I write about it. Oh jeez, did I really just call myself the mother sauce?


  1. This is so wonderful. I feel priviledged to have tasted this delicious food, while everyone else has to look and wonder :) you are my favorite chef, and you keep getting better! Merci and Bon Appetit

  2. LB, I have this saucy idea for a saucy sauce, My friend used to make this Terriyaki alfredo sauce that I called "Terrashima" cuz it was the BOMB- he didnt like the name, but I think with GINGER it would be more worthy of the name..I would like to buy you ingredients to try to make this pasta- I feel I need this paste again in my life, and other people need to meet it...addicted.